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About Skyy Allen


Skyy AllenWell I figured for those who want to know more about me-such as my origins, where I was born, my parents, siblings, likes, dislikes etc. This would be the perfect place to start. Bare with me this may take a while-I have much to say: You know I'm a very complex guy after all, with a diverse family background...

Okay! I was born in Elizabeth Town-Kentucky, on Feb. 6, 1984. My parents were only teenagers when they had me. My mom tells me how when she got pregnant with me, her mother wanted her to have an abortion. Can you believe it-I came this close to being non-existent! My mom was 16 when she got pregnant and my dad was 18. In those days it was still kind of taboo to get pregnancy out of wedlock, so my parents got married-with me in my mothers belly. Luckily I avoided the label of being called a bastard.

When my mom got pregnant her mother kicked her out of the house and she was forced to live with my dad and his parents. Oh yeah! both my parents were Army brats so this whole unrequited love story took place on base in Las Cruses, New Mexico.

Anyway back to my story; my mom's Mexican or Hispanic to be politically correct-but technically she's Mexican, since she was born in Juarez, Mexico. She was adopted by my grandparents when she was just a baby.

My grandparents aren't Mexican, my grandfather's Norwegian and my grandmother's Swedish, yeah I know! I come from a culturally diverse family-with my aunt, who was also adopted, being Italian.

My dad's black or African American, with some Native American blood-Blackfoot to be exact. My grandfather on my dad's side is Black. My grandmother however does have Blackfoot Native American blood in her. Both my grandparents are ex-Black Panthers by the way. Black Power! I guess that explains my rebellious nature when it comes to injustices.

Okay! I think that just about sums up my parents and grandparents. Now me!

My favorite season is autumn.

My favorite color is purple-don't ask why. For some reason I always remember liking the color; it doesn't hurt that royalty's associated with the color either.

My favorite food is Italian! I love all things Italian. If ever the opportunity came and I could go to Italy-I'd go in a heartbeat!

If you've ever seen the show Dharma & Greg, I was a lot like Dharma at one time. Open-minded and "in-tune" with the universe-very hippie of me, I know! I used to talk to mother earth and listen to stories told by the mighty oak trees.

I'm a fairly light-hearted and easy-going type of guy. I don't remember ever being depressed; sad, but never depressed. Sorrow is like quick-sand, the more you wallow in despair, the more it will consume you-until it finally destroys you.

I like people who are strong, who know who they are, who stand up for themselves and others, who have a since of humor-or at least know how to laugh. Basically if you can make me laugh-your a keeper! Plain and simple. Laughter makes the heart grow fond they say.

I love all things 80's-the decade I was born. I love the music, the movies even the fashion. What I love most is how everyone was experimental in there choice of style. Girls wearing ties and shoulder-pads; guys wearing make-up and head-bands, not to mention the mesh tee's. Girl's didn't mind if they looked like dudes and dudes didn't mind if they looked like girls. Wow! What...a decade! My favorite 80's movies are The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles-all of which star Molly Ringwald of course. There's a few others I just can't think of the names right now.

I love writing, as you can probably tell. I used to want to be writer/poet, but I think I have a bit of attention deficit disorder. I can never stay focused long enough to write a complete story. One that makes any since at least. I have a few titles-most of which are incomplete, but at least I have a title.

I'm pretty quiet for the most part-but I wouldn't say I'm shy. It's funny...if everyone around me is talking, I feel the need to stay quiet-but if everyone is silent I feel the need to speak, to start a conversation or say something goofy and totally off the wall. I've noticed, now as I look back in retrospect, that I tend to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. I tend to lead, not follow.

I hate math! Math is my one true kryptonite! I've always failed in arithmetic. I just can't wrap my head around all those seemingly useless numbers.

My favorite horror movies, hands down, without a doubt! Drumsticks in the air while John does his guitar solo have to be Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St., Phycho, Geepers Creepers, Poltergeist and IT. I'm sure I have a few more I just can't think of any at the moment.

And what am I afraid of? Let's see clowns, snakes, the unknown, dying with regret, being rejected for being who I am, and intimacy. Yep! Totally honest-my worst fear is having to open myself up to that one special-future someone. Hopefully by that time I'll have defeated my demons. That should just about do it for now-until tomorrow!

Aim Of Skyy Allen

To become an accomplished writer, philosopher, theologian, humanitarian & all round nice guy :)

Hobbies Of Skyy Allen

Not a lot, but a few.